Fee Schedule

New Patient Examination
This visit takes about 45 minutes and involves intake paperwork, a full history and physical exam, and treatment if time allows. X-ray's or further imaging may be prescribed at this time.
Subsequent (Chiropractic) Visit
These visits may involve any of the following: spinal and/or extremity adjustments/mobilizations, soft tissue therapy, rehabilitative exercises.
Visit lasting 30 minutes and includes a medical acupuncture treatment. Excellent for pain reduction and chronic problems.
Spinal Decompression
Visit lasting 30 minutes. Excellent for certain low back and neck conditions.
Custom orthotics prescribed from foam casting. Orthotics are excellent for many conditions of the foot, knees, hip and back.
Shockwave Therapy
Visit lasts 15-20 minutes and involves shockwave therapy over specific injury site
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