Orthotics work by providing your feet and ankles with the appropriate sensory feedback which will improve the mechanics of these joints while standing, walking, or running. By improving the mechanics of your feet and ankles, the mechanics of other joints in your body, from knees to hips, to spine, are also improved and can function properly. Orthotics are useful for biomechanical conditions such as overpronation, oversupination, as well as neuromusculoskeletal conditions such as plantar fasciitis, achillies tendon problems, chronic ankle sprains, metatarsalgia, as well as other conditions.

Your feet provide the foundation for your body. People who spend a lot of time on their feet through work, athletics, or an active lifestyle, can come to realize that this foundation can become a source of pain and discomfort. Sometimes, even chronic diseases such as diabetes, can affect the feet. Our Orthotics can be prescribed through custom fitting by foam casting and can be tailored to your specific footwear and individual needs (ie- dress shoes, sports shoes, work boots).

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