Rehabilitative Exercises


Exercise is one of the most crucial aspects of recovering from injury, or improving health and wellness, therefore, we make it a key component of each treatment plan. Our approach is to ensure proper muscle activation and stability of the total body, especially the "core". We will ensure that you have proper muscle balance (posture, alignment and flexibility) and a stable platform (core) from which you can graduate to more advanced training techniques. Ensuring proper function of the core musculature can help prevent future low back and neck pain and enhance the benefits of exercise. With the information gathered during the initial assessment, determination can be made of the areas that need improvement. 

Core muscles are an important component of the body’s central pillar, which is composed of the ribs, spine, and pelvis.  In addition to facilitating motion, core muscles have an equally important function in stabilizing the spine, making these muscles continuously active throughout the day when we are standing, sitting, and moving.  Consequently, spine stabilization and therefore spine protection requires fit core muscles, knowledge of proper body alignment, and the ability to maintain this alignment during movement.  Core muscle fitness is essential in every physical task to help performance, reduce the risk of injury, and rehabilitate persons suffering from back pain.

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